The Forex Group 6 Step Process

Plus Our 7 Point Industry-Leading Guarantee

Your Forex Group experience is important to us. You need to be able to trust us, especially because we will be working with a vital part of your business... your currency flow. It is important for you to know what to expect and what will happen before, during and after the FREE Discovery Call.

Here’s the Forex Group 6 Step Process:

  1. Simply register on our website or complete the Registration form included in this information pack, please return it to us by scan-email or snail mail. We will contact you within 24hrs of receiving your forms.
  2. During our Discovery Call we will explore what strategies will be suitable for your business and how we can help implement them. To really get the ball rolling you will receive via email the Spreadsheet Advantage tool, this is the foundation to maximising your buying opportunities.
  3. Complete the Spreadsheet Advantage tool and email it back to your dealer ASAP.
  4. You will immediately begin receiving our daily market report – an easy to read 1 pager sent out every morning that quickly updates you on the market. You will also receive our News Alerts by email or text – sent out only when important events or significant movements affect the market.
  5. Using the Spreadsheet Advantage tool, your dealer will actively watch the market and choose an appropriate strategy depending on market conditions. They will talk to you about what strategy to use, what levels to aim for and when to buy. However, you are always in the driver’s seat as the final decision is always yours.
  6. Process your first transaction.
As a regular client we will continue to manage the Spreadsheet Advantage tool so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. By knowing what payments you need to make we can identify the best strategies for each of your payments. Here are the steps involved in making a payment.
  1. Your dealer will lock in the exchange rate
  2. The telegraphic transfer will be organised and an invoice will be issued for payment
  3. You make payment into Forex Group’s secure Westpac account upon receipt
Your payment will be sent as soon as we receive bank confirmation of cleared funds from you.

Now for our 7 Point Industry-Leading Guarantee:
You are totally covered by what is widely regarded as the BEST and MOST Comprehensive 7 point guarantee offered by ANY Forex Provider.

Here’s how it works...

  1. We Guarantee to remain in contact with you and provide you with first class customer service once you become a member of the Forex Group family!
  2. We Guarantee to provide you with a simple sign up process, it will be quick and easy. Once we have your information we will activate your account immediately.
  3. We Guarantee our proactive service will lower your stress levels when dealing with Forex rates and transactions. You can relax knowing that a professional team of Forex dealers constantly monitors every one of your payments.
  4. We Guarantee to save you tons of money using our unique strategies. No two businesses are the same so we custom fit our unique money making strategies just for you. Combined with our excellent exchange rates you will be miles ahead compared to where you are now!   
  5. We Guarantee our strategies and objectives will be explained to you in a manner that you will understand, free from technical jargon and confusing industry lingo.
  6. We Guarantee absolute security of your funds. Stringent internal controls, external account auditing and indemnity insurance with Lloyds of London means absolute 100% safety.
  7. We Guarantee in the highly unlikely event we do not live up to our promises, we will cheerfully pay you $250 as our way of saying “Sorry” and will donate another $250 to a charity of your choice.
You will also receive a personal and sincere apology and we hope you recognize how hard we work to look after you and make sure the Forex component of your business thrives.

As you can see, one of the strengths of what we do is based on working in your best interests.

When you think about it, it makes sense because when you are happy… we are happy. When your business thrives... so does Forex Group.

And therein lays the secret of our success... we work with YOU, for YOU!
So if you’ve been wondering what to do as a first step towards Forex Transactions like you have never experienced before… then you probably realise it’s time for you to book in for a FREE Discovery Call with Forex Group.
See? Simple and Easy… stress free, all you have to do is tell us what you want to achieve and let Forex Group do the rest…
You can have confidence knowing you have finally found a real way to save yourself money and do what you do best… make money!

With our 7 point guarantee you have nothing to lose… to book in for your Complimentary Discovery Consultation call 1300 722 214 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , but you need to be quick. We only have a limited number of consultations available each week… and they fill up fast!



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