If you are returning or moving to Australia or just need to send money into an Australian bank account, we will make the process seem all too easy and ensure you receive the maximum amount of the desired currency. The process consists of several simple steps as described below:


  1. You need to provide us with some basic personal information such as your address and contact details. We also need proof of your identity and this may consist of a passport, drivers license...etc
  2. You then need to advise us what currency you have and what currency you require (normally AUD).
  3. You then arrange to have the funds sent to one of our Foreign Currency Accounts (we would provide you with the details).
  4. Once we have received the funds, we would contact you to confirm what is to happen to the funds. ie: You can pre-book an exchange rate today so that you know exactly how much local currency you will receive (no-risk strategy); or, wait and hope for a better rate sometime in the future (a more agressive strategy); or, you can keep the foreign currency and have it transferred into another account.
  5. You then arrange for the bank to transfer the funds to our settlement account. We will then act in accordance with your instructions.


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